Hot Meal For Kids

This program happens every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, right in the village where the children live. The meal consists of a rotating menu of rice, beans and meat, spaghetti and hamburger, or soup made with vegetables and chicken.

This program at present feeds approximately 250-300 children per day with the potential of feeding double that number if finances were available to buy the food. Children are turned away on an almost daily basis because no more food is available for that day.

Your donation can make a huge difference to this program. For $200 dollars per day we could feed another 200+ children in this program.


The “Baby and Mama” sponsorship provides new mamas with a startup supply of baby clothes, blankets as well as food and necessities for malnourished, sickly or preemie babies. On Mondays the “Hot Meal” consists of a nourishing bowl of oatmeal and fruit, where not only the children are fed but also the new mamas, pregnant mamas and babies and toddlers.

Babies are weighed and stats recorded , vitamins are given as well as donated clothing are supplies as needed. This is our way of keeping record of any babies who begin to lose weight or are showing signs of distressed health and get them onto the program for a supply of formula/milk and cereal/oatmeal, as age requires.

Your sponsorship of $50 a month can literally save a baby’s life.

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